App Monetization


app jacket is a patent-pending automated ad-integration technology that maximizes monetization opportunities for App Developers with premium Ad offerings.

app jacket is a simple yet powerful tool that lets you Ad-Enable your App in three simple steps. The actual integration process does not exceed 400 milliseconds.

app jacket boasts a wide range of feature adds, which helps utilize your inventory pool to the best possible outcomes, while ensuring the easiest and speediest of ad code integration methods.

The Purpose (Mission)

  • Automatic Integration Method
  • Manual Integration Method

These are the targets we want to meet

  • Your Android APP is able to successfully delivery ADS
    • At Launch & Exit of APP
    • And on Top & Bottom of the APP screen
  • Able to track Impression, Click & Vast events

This is how you will gain

  • You would be able to earn revenue out of the ADS shown in your APP


Hassle free integration of APP-JACKET in the APP, without too much effort in terms of time & money

Measurable Objectives:

  1. Easy to understand steps
  2. Zero Bugs post integration
  3. Zero APP cashes post integration


An APK file which easy passes QC/QA testing and can be uploaded on Google Play Store as soon as possible.

Project Constraints

APP's developed using frameworks like PhoneGap, Unity, titanium needs to be handle with care.